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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Review: Escapees and Fevered Minds

Escapees and Fevered Minds Escapees and Fevered Minds by David Owain Hughes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review: ESCAPEES AND FEVERED MINDS by David Owain Hughes

It might accurately be stated that a fevered mind is a criterion for setting into the wildly imaginative world of author David Owain Hughes. So be it: I will gladly claim to have such a mind, for I dearly love his writings. ESCAPEES AND FEVERED MINDS is the delightful sequel (delightful for readers, not so for some of the characters) to WHITE WALLS AND STRAIGHTJACKETS. While the first volume was told in short stories within an overarching plot, ESCAPEES AND FEVERED MINDS is straight-on novel, with--wait for it--dual endings! I confess to have read both books as a set, non-stop, not wanting to sleep, eat, and certainly not to socialize. Crystal and Harry; Hob and Bella; Norm and Angharad (I love her name); Santa Klaws, Samantha, Mr. Tickles; Sideshow Necrotic and Sideshow Nightshade; the Mansion and the Circus of Fear; I want to "meet" all of these again. Extreme Horror and Gore, yes; psychosis and selfishness, implacability; all subtly leavened with humor. David Owain Hughes has an exceptional talent and has certainly carved out his own niche. May he rule in it forever.

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