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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: We Are The Hanged Man

We Are The Hanged Man We Are The Hanged Man by Douglas Lindsay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review: WE ARE THE HANGED MAN by Douglas Lindsay

A superbly plotted and deeply characterized mystery, WE ARE THE HANGED MAN is the first in a new series by Douglas Lindsay, a prolific and excellent author. Its protagonist, Detective Chief Inspector Robert Jericho, of Somerset and Avon Police, I venture to say, is in a class by himself. Nine years as a virtually unneeded DCI in the tiny low-crime community of Wells, Jericho had formerly been a hot-shot detective with London's Metropolitan Police. After the inexplicable and unsolved disappearance of his wife Amanda, he fell into a black hole of depression and transferred to Wells.

Jericho despises shallow "popular" culture and reality television shenanigans, yet he is tapped for consultant-judge on a new pilot called "Britain's Got Justice," and his taciturn--and high integrity--result in his being targeted: by a covert organization, by his own Superintendent, by a sociopathic killer he arrested 30 years earlier.

If you enjoy British crime fiction, or special protagonists, or just superb writing, do not miss WE ARE THE HANGED MAN or the continuing series.

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