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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: Dead Liner: A Zombie Novel

Dead Liner: A Zombie Novel Dead Liner: A Zombie Novel by Alex Laybourne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review: DEAD LINER by Alex Laybourne

DEAD LINER is a well-written and enticing zombie novel. I emphasize this because I long ago burnt out on the Zombie subgenre and a really good story treatment is required to "wake me up." Such is DEAD LINER. Alex Laybourne capably juggles a sizable cast of characters in a setting of really substantial size--a brand new ocean liner, quite evolved in terms of both technology and comfort, embarking on its maiden voyage. In circumstances of wealth and luxury, the worst one might consider is piracy in international waters. Here, the danger is Zombies. In terms of the implacability and inescapability of the horror, I am reminded of Ruth Ware' s oceangoing novel, THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10, which, like DEAD LINER, terrified me--after all, where do you go when you're already on the ocean, too far from land? I expect sailors of earlier centuries could relate ("Here There Be Monsters").

Mr. Laybourne continues to demonstrate a talent for suspension of disbelief, and an equal talent for fleshing out his large cast of characters, making them realistic, vivid, and often, eliciting readers' empathy.

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