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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review: Something Violent

Something Violent Something Violent by Kristopher Rufty
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Review: SOMETHING VIOLENT by Kristopher Rufty

In his acknowledgements, Mr. Rufty credits the crime fiction of Bryan D. Smith as inspiring his own foray into the genre. In no way is Mr. Rufty' s work derivative, but in common with Mr. Smith, both authors create characters in whom the veneer of civilization is so incredibly thin as to be next to nonexistent. I wonder why these individuals aren't obvious to their prey, or at least why they aren't obvious to others of their ilk. Although this may be a function of hindsight, fact is that these characters are human in name only, and just as it seems the lion exists to hunt the antelope, these predators exist only to thin the human herd. But there's just so many of them!

Kristopher Rufty yanks readers along on a ride about as wild as it can be, in a milieu populated by characters of a type we pray never to encounter. Yet never does suspension of disbelief fail. All along we accept his creation (no matter how horrifying) and marvel at his accomplishment.

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