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Saturday, March 4, 2017

BURNTOWN by Jennifer McMahon_Review

BurntownBurntown by Jennifer McMahon
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Review: BURNTOWN by Jennifer McMahon

A twisted and convoluted tale which winds in on itself much like a pretzel, BURNTOWN is the story of three generations of a family who might be considered "cursed." A grandfather who acquired plans for Thomas Edison's final design, a device which might well change the world. A father who spends his workdays and off times in appliance repair. A mother with movie star aura who spends a lot of time gone from home. A son who inadvertently witnesses his mother's demise. A personal myth which propels his life, his wife's, and his daughter's. A mysterious stalker called "Snake Eyes" who is not only persistent to a fault and dangerous, but is also a serial killer.

Author Jennifer McMahon illustrates her characters in such depth, to the bare bones and beyond, and she also delineates Place: An economically-depressed city, lost and nearly forgotten; and its underside, the habitat of the homeless, of the upper middle class whose greed and lust for life propels use of controlled substances and a descent into crime. Always in the shadows is the manipulative mastermind nicknamed "Snake Eyes."

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