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Saturday, March 4, 2017

FULL WOLF MOON by Lincoln Child_Review

Full Wolf MoonFull Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child
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Review of FULL WOLF MOON by Lincoln Child

Suspension of disbelief provides strong tension throughout as our protagonist himself struggles with his intent to maintain an open mind. Dr. Jeremy Logan, Yale Professor of History, is by avocation (and a growing reputation), an "enigmalogist,' an individual who studies and investigates odd phenomena without an apparent cause. For example, Dr. Logan has investigated "Nessie," Scotland's Loch Ness Monster.

When the novel commences, he is ensconcing himself for a six-week retreat at Cloudland in the scenic, densely-forested Adirondacks if upstate New York. He has scarcely arrived when a visitor appears, a former friend from his undergraduate days, a philosopher who is also a Forest Ranger. He requests Dr. Logan, who is also a sensitive--an empath who perceives emotions and energy, both from humans and locations--to look into a series of deaths-by-mauling, each occurring in the Desolation Mountain wilderness, each during a full moon. Possible causes are bear or wolf, but the evidence is erratic. Investigators are certain the killer could not be human, due to the strength required for the degree of violence. Locals blame a reclusive clan living deep in the forest since the early 18th century, or earlier, who are believed to be both werewolves, and ritual child murders. Author Lincoln Child keeps the suspense boiling and delivers an unexpected denouement which leaves protagonist and reader reeling.

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