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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review: We Came Back

We Came Back We Came Back by Patrick Lacey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of WE CAME BACK
by Patrick Lacey

When I discovered this novel, my first thought was to remember reading the author's wonderful DREAM WOODS, and thinking “oh, this is going to be scary.” Then the title triggered a remembrance of Stephen King's “Sometimes They Come Back,” and I upgraded that perception to “seriously scary.” Author Patrick Lacey not only fulfilled those expectations admirably; he delivers a story with tremendous emotional impact, peeling his characters right down to their cores. This is true not just for the good guys: ex-boyfriend Justin, father Frank, mother of two boys Mrs. Brown. It's also true for the bad guys, and those who had been good guys till they invested in the dark side. (That term is intentional.)

Mr. Lacey's stated intent is to honor the memory of his late father, and indeed, all proceeds go to a cancer charity. He certainly fulfills that intent as well, writing in depth of a father who passed from cancer and the consequences for his adolescent son and his widow. He also examines so clearly the psyche of a father who has lost a young son. By turns terrifying, heartwrenching, and even heartwarming, WE CAME BACK goes far beyond “simple” scary horror into the realms of the human spirit, manipulation of minds and spirits, emotional depths. I know I'll be coming back to reread this soon.

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