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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Review: The Goat Parade

The Goat Parade The Goat Parade by Peter N. Dudar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Feb. 27

Review: THE GOAT PARADE by Peter N. Dudar

First off, THE GOAT PARADE is my personal choice for one of the Best of 2018. I'd always wonder how readers and reviewers selected "Best of Year" early in a calendar year; now I know! THE GOAT PARADE is non-stop excitement, thrills, sheer unadulterated terror, and some of the deepest characterization I've read.

Author Peter Dudar doesn't stop with human characters, though he delves into each very deeply, exposing their past and future (for those allowed a future). One ongoing character is Old Scratch (yes, you know who I mean), the character who contains all the selfishness, all the greed, all the evil; and this novel is rife with evil, and Evil. THE GOAT PARADE is incredibly and indelibly gory, visceral, and outre, out of this world. I spent the entire novel wondering who would survive, for the horror is Juggernaut-imp'relacable. Every time a character thinks he or she exercises free will, they always discover their lives are fully designed by Old Scratch, for his own purposes, and there's no escape.

My cautionary warning: this novel is full-on extreme horror. It deals with such potentially triggering topics as incest, torture, rape, mutilation, murder, Satanism, serving the Dark Lord, childhood abuse, controlled substances, and more. So sensitive readers, slip away.

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  1. Oh wow, this does sound brutal. I'm more the 'quiet horror' type. Probably not my speed.