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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Review: The Shawcross Letters: My Journey Into The Mind Of Evil

The Shawcross Letters: My Journey Into The Mind Of Evil The Shawcross Letters: My Journey Into The Mind Of Evil by John Paul Fay
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Review: THE SHAWCROSS LETTERS by John Paul Fay

Years ago I read a poignant description in a novel that I've never forgotten. The title and author I don't remember, but this sentence is indelible. It describes a patient, in an asylum or care home: "Only her eyes were alive, and they burned like those of someone who looked frequently into Hell." I firmly visualized, and still do; today, reading THE SHAWCROSS LETTERS, I feel it. I feel I've opened a book and I feel I've peered directly into Hades. Reader, if you've ever wondered if evil exists, if in human form there are those beyond the pale, wonder no longer. Remember: not all the dangerous ones are imprisoned. Out there are those whose thought processes don't even enter the same universe as us. We humans are fodder--just fodder.

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  1. I thank you for your favorable review. I hope you're well.

    Best regards,

    John Paul Fay

  2. By the way, my appearance on the Dr. Phil Show airs on August 27th, 2018. The show features The Shawcross Letters, Shawcross's daughter, a victim's sister, and my own sister. Dr. Phil ventures to try to understand the minds of a couple of the most decidedly deviant minds in America.

    It's to be noted that I am first and foremost a writer. It just so happens that I was born with a rare affliction of the spirit. And, it's suggested to write what we know. Hence, The Shawcross Letters. The book's working title was Sawman, as the narrative largely focuses on my own struggles with hyper-madness with Shawcross's voice a constant in the background of my intensely unusual life of alcohol, drugs, serial killers, black magic, and a general tone of uninhibited insanity.

    John Paul Fay