Charles Stross, "Overtime"


Saturday, July 23, 2022


Electrifyingly suspenseful and breathtaking, this Paranormal Suspense Thriller is the first in a new Series: THE MERCURY MEDIUMS. I'll be lined up to devour each Mystery in the Series! Check your disbelief at the door and dive right in: these mediums are straightforward and right on, one a mind-reader, the other is directly a medium who sees, hears, and connects with ghosts. The case they take on in GRAVE LIES is seriously intent and fraught with danger for many. The tension is high-,voltage and inescapable.

Friday, July 15, 2022


I unabashedly adored this novel from the very beginning. Heartbreaking, warm, sad, grieving, loving, terrifying, sensual, vivid, emotionally fraught...it's a rollercoaster read but at the same time THEY DROWN OUR DAUGHTERS is both high class literary fiction with emphasis on vividness, lyricism, and Character, and implacably frightening Horror (especially for those who are hydrophobic and for whom the concept of Drowning is both terrifying and seductive, as it becomes for each of the multiple generations of girls and women, daughters and mothers, encased in this spectacular novel). This is the kind of story that lingers, not because of some gory images, but because it will settle into your soul and nest there.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Review: THE GHOST THAT ATE US by Daniel Kraus

Release July 12 2022 Without in any way detracting from how engrossing and horrifying this engrossing novel is, from the beginning I experienced such strong overtones of fiction by Grady Hendrix and Daryl Gregory, as well as true-crime Nonfiction and true-crime podcast transcripts. Simultaneously, reading the unfolding story, I felt like a Paris citizen standing on the Avenue watching the Juggernaut rolling with royal victims to the guillotine. The foreshadowing frisson in this novel is as heavy as the silence preceding a tornado lurking just over your shoulder. In addition to the weight of the foreshadowing, which should cause sensible individuals to run away before uncovering the inevitable tragedies, the novel carries its own compulsion: like witnessing a passenger train about to collide with a stalled fuel tanker, the reader simply cannot turn away! We are compelled to witness to the end, no matter how horrifying, nor unavoidable. We must watch and witness.