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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Review: Woom: An extreme horror

Woom: An extreme horror Woom: An extreme horror by Duncan Ralston
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Review of WOOM by Duncan Ralston

Oh my, such a book. WOOM surely must qualify as one-of-a-kind, outre, far-out, psychological horror. Room 6 at the Lonely Motel is not haunted per se, but Room 6 surely does have a history, a history of horror, both self-inflicted and other-inflicted. One of the characters in this book often ponders fate and planetary alignment, and how either/both of those might impact human choices; and for certain, there is something of the phrase "When the Stars Are Right" operating in Room 6 of the Lonely Motel, an unassuming, by-the-hour site, not so far from the New York State/Canadian border.

I read this book while alone. Although it didn't terrify me, it certainly did wring me inside out, more than once. The denouement was completely bizarre and out of this world, but the conclusion was even more so! Mr. Ralston takes such a collection of vignettes and weaves them into one seamless, very bizarre, narrative. There is storytelling, and there is Storytelling; and what occurs here puts all those legendary campfire tales to shame. What humans do to themselves and to each other....

Duncan Ralston has already made quite a name and a niche for himself with SALVAGE, and EVERY PART OF THE ANIMAL. In WOOM, released August 6, he has carved out an entirely new niche, one just for himself.

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