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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CONSEQUENCES by John Quick_Review & Tour

Review of CONSEQUENCES by John Quick

A well-written, well-executed, well-played novel, a horror-thriller, coming-of-age, first-love-blossoming, rural redneck insanity [that is not a judgment, that's referring to several recurring characters], CONSEQUENCES is a biting, gory, thrill-a-minute roller coaster ride in which the suspense never lets up.
Author John Quick takes especial care with his young (adolescent, newly high school graduates) characters, making sure that although they are realistic "teens," with all that entails, they are also full-fledged individuals, each in his or her own right. They're not just cardboard one-dimensional props. As the story progresses, we truly get to know them, including their hearts and souls. I'll give just one example, chosen not to give anything away: fairly early on, two of the young people, Tyler and Alexis, converse, deeply. Not only does Tyler demonstrate real thoughtfulness sometimes uncommon to his age group (and gender), but his nature is more compassionate than many adults (especially in our current era of "hate").

I can't say I "like" the villain (who shall remain unidentified for purposes of this review), but I do understand the motivations, I think. As with so many serial killers, such as Manson or Bundy, genetics ("nature") collides irretrievably with "nurture" (environment, upbringing), creating an individual who adheres only to his or her own moral code, acting according to his or her own lights, and we find that more than once in this novel. I can't see how the villain in question could have acted much differently, and that implacability, for me, heightens both the suspense and the enjoyment of the novel.

For those interested in the "If you like --(author), will you like this author?" I will mention that Mr. Quick has found comparison to Jack Ketchum, and from my viewpoint, with (wait for it) Bryan D. Smith (also a Tennessee author) and Matt Shaw. I point this out not only in regard to the gore level, but in the way that each author illumines character and raises the plot above the ordinary, to something numinous.

Consequences, Synopsis

Publishing Date: April 11, 2016
Page Length: 245 pages

It was a summer of blood and terror...

For seven friends, graduation night was supposed to be a time to celebrate the end of their high school careers and the start of their real lives.

But when an accident while partying at the local haunted house results in tragedy, they find themselves being hunted by a maniac for whom the stakes are decidedly personal.

Thirty years ago, Crazy Freddy hung his family up with barbed wire and skinned them alive. Now, the survivors can only hope for such a kindness as they are forced to accept that for everything they do, there will be CONSEQUENCES.


John Quick has been reading and writing scary and disturbing stuff for as long as he can remember, and has only recently begun releasing some of his creations upon the world.


His debut novel, Consequences is available now as a paperback or digital eBook. Watch for his next novel to come from Sinister Grin Press in 2017. He lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife, two kids, and three dogs that think they're kids.


When he's not hard at work on his next novel, you can find him online at :http://johnquickauthor.blogspot.com/ or on Facebook and Twitter.


Praise for Consequences

“The character work here is pretty impressive, particularly for a first-time novelist.” –Michael Hicks, Author of Let Go

John Quick takes you inside the mind of a psycho path in this thriller. I read it in only two sittings because the pacing kept me turning the pages. Very well written, I enjoyed the dialogue very much, especially the young people being hunted by the killer. It felt believable and well developed.” –Michelle Garza, co-author of Mayan Blue

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