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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: The Family Man

The Family Man The Family Man by T.J. Lebbon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of THE FAMILY MAN by T. J. Lebbon

Let me tell you this: I really enjoyed (and found frightening) THE HUNT, the first in this thriller series by prolific author T. J. Lebbon. But THE FAMILY MAN, second in the series (there are some continuing characters, even though each is otherwise a stand-alone), brings the sport to an entirely new level. THE FAMILY MAN is electrifying, a can't-put-down roller-coaster read. I literally raced through it as the characters, settings, and convoluted twisty plot kept me glued to the page.

Instead of sensible architect husband-father Chris Sheen in THE HUNT, a man who was randomly targeted for killing and acted to save his family, here we have Dom, an electrician, husband and father; but unfortunately feckless and too easily led by others, especially his "close friend" Andy. Andy scarcely has to mention a potential criminal enterprise, and Dom leaps in, no thought of prison or of the potential damage to his family and marriage. Unthinkingly he trusts Andy, whose secrets are very, very dangerous, to Andy himself and now to Dom, his wife Emma, and their daughter Daisy. Of course, there is collateral damage including other fatalities, because the secret Andy is hiding is explosive, a real killer.

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