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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Review: 13 Resurrected: An Anthology Of Horror and Dark Fiction

13 Resurrected: An Anthology Of Horror and Dark Fiction 13 Resurrected: An Anthology Of Horror and Dark Fiction by Amy Bartelloni
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

13: RESURRECTED ANTHOLOGY [An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction]

The newest, awaited, entry in the always exciting 13: themed anthology series! Get comfortable and settle in...but oh, please do leave on the lights.

"Death's Proxy" by D. Nichole Knight: grief upon grief upon grief suffuses this story, till you wonder, will there ever be surcease? Read on, because we're all going to be deeply startled. I consider this grimdark.

"Ghost of the Past" by Sara Schoen: scary, scary, scary! I loved the implacability, the buried community and buried secrets, and the almost Biblical visiting the "sins of the fathers" on the sons...and daughters. Truly frightening!

"In Mamma' s Heart" by Elizabeth Roderick: I can't express how much I loved this story! Heartbreaking, terrifying, wonderful! (And I kept thinking about Emmett Till)

"Sundown" by Cat Camille: "If it seems to be too good to be true, then it probably isn't true." As a voracious reader of horror, mystery, and true crime, I return to this proverb often. Here we are again: I suspected the intent in this story, but it is so well and capably prepared I certainly can't complain.

"Executioners" by Byron Lee Ray: they're everywhere--stone-cold killers just waiting for opportunity. But there are also executioners of executioners, vigilantes devoted to ridding the world of murderous scum. A gory, violent, unsettling, tale.

"The Game" by Samie Sands: Very unnerving, in a moralistic sense. Fourteen-year-old Gaby has grown up in the altered world of the AM13 virus, and she can scarcely remember what life before was. She lost all her family, and hardened her heart. Then she discovers that the dead ones {zombies} aren't the true evil. Exposure to this truth reveals her "purpose."

"The Ghost In Me" by Joseph Paul Haines: perhaps "the ghost is me," a visceral tour of existential despair, a 21st century version of a medieval morality tale. What happens to our soul when we are either too self-centered or too weak-willed to serve others in desperate need?

"The Harbingers" by D.A. Roach: subtle horror is the best! A great ghostly story, with heartwarming family feeling.

"House of Souls" by Amy Bartelloni: a surprising and unexpected premise, most intriguing. I applaud our young heroine, strong in character and intention despite her youth and difficult life.

"Manifesto" by Erin Lee: What has two centuries of death done for--or to--America's Founding Fathers?

"Reckoning" by Nykki Mills: Is anything more frightening than the ability of evil to manifest after death?

"Till Death Do We Part" by Joshua MacMillan: Another cautionary "be sure your sins will find you out" tale--or is it? On another level, a "love" that's stronger than death; or, when a ghost won't let go...

"Twisted" by Taylor Henderson: not scary per se, but very, very, spooky. Lynn gives up her career in New York to move to a strange little gated community where resurrection of the deceased accounts for most of the population.

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