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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Winter's Respite 2018!

Sign up right HERE Winter's Respite is the entire month of January, which neatly coincides (for me) with Vintage Science Fiction month!

I've started the year with:

Vintage Science Fiction: John W. Campbell, THE BLACK STAR PASSES
His early stories, collected in 1953

Contemporary Science Fiction: Pierce Brown, RED RISING

Nordic Noir: MACBETH, Jo Nesbo

Christmas cosy: NOT A CREATURE WAS PURRING (A Paws and Claws Mystery, #5)

SPLATTERPUNK FIGHTS BACK (Charity Anthology for Cancer support)

Also planning on ELMET by Fiona Mosley; DAYS OF NIGHT by Jonathan Stone (read Brian Freemantle' s ICE AGE over the weekend; I so love Antarctica fiction); Alan Dean Foster' s THE ICERIGGER TRILOGY; ELSHAM'S END by H. J. Williams.

Yes, we have themes here: Science Fiction, Ice, and Isolation. What I've Read:

Alone by George Kent See my review HERE 2 for Vintage Science Fiction month:
"The Last Evolution" and
"The Ultimate Weapon", by John W. Campbell

The Last Alchemist by Erik Hamre See my review HERE

Elsham's End by HJ Williams See my review HERE The Dead House by Billy O'Callaghan See my review HERE

Key of Midgard by Sarah-Jayne Briggs See my review HERE

The Unknown Devil by Tom Fowler See my review HERE

Muscat by John Quick See my review HERE

"All Cats Are Gray" by Andre Norton See my review HERE

(Jan. 1-13)

What I've Read
Jan. 14-31

Broken Shells by Michael Patrick Hicks See my review HERE

THE NATURALIST by Andrew Mayne See my review HERE

FATAL FLIP (A Home Renovation Mystery) by M. E. Valid See my review HERE

"The House" by R. Chetwynd Hayes [audio]

"Forest Lodge" by Simon Kurt Unsworth [audio]

"The Church on the Island" by Simon Kurt Unsworth[audio]

"The White Ship" by HPL [audio]

"At the Mountains of Madness" by HPL [audio]

[Also watched an animated video presentation]

"Pickman's Model" by HPL [audio]

"The Shunned House" by HPL [audio]

"Dreaming in Darkness" by R. S. Cartwright [audio]

THE SILENT GIRLS by Dylan Young See my review HERE

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle [audio]

"The Red Lodge" by H. E. Wainwright [audio]

"The Death Run" by Destiny Hawkins (short story) See my review HERE

THE SILENT GIRLS by Ann Troup see my review HERE

CREEP by R. C. Greenaway see my reviewHERE

BEYOND NIGHT by Eric S. Brown and Steven Shrewsbury See my reviewHERE

BAD MAN by Dathan Auerbach See my reviewHERE

CRIES FROM THE STATIC by Darren Speegle (short story collection) see my review HERE

"At the Mountains of Madness" by HPL-text reread

13 Novels or Collections, 17 Short Stories As of Jan. 31 PM, I am 30% into TIP OF THE ICEBERG by Ash Hartwell {reading for review} and I have read 542 pages of the 936-page tome THE TERROR by Dan Simmons, about the tragic and lost Franklin Arctic expedition in the 1840's. Not only am I reading this on Kindle, at night I an transported by the wonderful audio version by a British narrator, and have about 15-16 hours remaining (listened to 11). None of these will I complete before January's goodbye.

February will be "Weird Fiction Month," and I intend to read widely among Robert E. Howard, Robert W. Chambers, Clark Ashton Smith, Fritz Leiber, and of course, my icon, H.P. Lovecraft. I also have newly acquired the sequel to Andrew Mayne' s THE NATURALIST, LOOKING GLASS; and a new novel of Nazi-engineered werewolves, WEHR WOLFF CASTLE; also Hunter Shea' s cryptozoological marine horror, FURY OF THE ORCAS, and Kristopher Rufty's collection, BONE CHIMES, and novel, SEVEN BURIED HILL.

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  1. As always, I'm beyond impressed with your reading accomplishments. I hope you enjoyed the readathon. I'm sure it goes without saying that I'll see you in April for Spring into Horror. I hope so!