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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review: Long after Dark

Long after Dark Long after Dark by Greg F. Gifune
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of LONG AFTER DARK by Greg F. Gifune

In the 16th century St. John of the Cross wrote of "the long dark night of the soul." In the early 20th century writer F. Scott Fitzgerald penned that while in it, the time is always 3 AM. In LONG AFTER DARK, master author Greg F. Gifune explores a new view of the long dark night, a night that doesn't just occur at 3 AM, but in the daylight as well, a night that is unending.

Poor Harry Fremont: long-term husband, efficient senior manager, father of one (a university student). He is concerned about his job future due to a merger; he and his wife must sell their residence due to encroaching commercial development, and his wife's executive career keeps her working long hours and traveling too much. Any of those factors could be faced and eventually dealt with efficiently, but suddenly Harry develops serious flu symptoms, with additonal pains and symptoms that don't even relate to flu. Suddenly Harry can't sleep--at all. His wife has jetted off to San Diego, for business; his son is away at university; the sole remaining neighbor is not home. But for Harry, solitude would be a blessing. He is certainly not alone. Badgered by waking nightmares, bizarre neighborhood sights, noises, really strange annoying phone calls, then a visit from his wife's boss' spouse which only stirs suspicions already lodged in Harry's unconsciousness.

Author Gifune has an exceptional talent for the subtle introduction of his horror. Yes, there is full-on horror before the story concludes, but for me, the best was the way in which the horror creeps in on little cat feet, like Robert Frost's fog, so that although the terror escalates, still I was shocked when certain events occurred, and found myself nearly screaming along with Harry, and chills coursing up and down my spine. If you haven't read anything by Greg Gifune, race to read this one. If you're already a fan, be prepared for the best.

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