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Friday, February 8, 2019

Review: Fade To Silence

Fade To Silence Fade To Silence by David Bradwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

FADE TO SILENCE is Book 4 in the Anna Burgin Series. I've not read the first three, but I am definitely going to rectify that. I discovered FADE TO SILENCE through a review offer at Hidden Gems Books, and I'm very happy I did. This mystery is engrossing, complicated, and the protagonists, especially fashion photographer Anna, are impressively snarky. The author does dialogue excellently, and even better, crafts terrifically twisty plot lines. Anna and her long-term flatmate/best friend, journalist Danny Churchill, are thrown right into the center of the machinations of disgraced, then reinstated Detective Chief Inspector Graham March of London's Metropolitan Police, a man whose fingers are deep into many criminal pies on a large scale, who has too many corrupt friends in high places, and who holds long grudges. Since Danny's investigative journalism and that of Danny's former superior, Clare Woodbrook, exposed March's machinations, the latter is neither going to forget nor forgive, and soon a series of hardships strike at Danny, the kind of frame that he can't escape and can't expose. Additionally, Clare, who long ago "disappeared" and is kind of an international broker and deal-maker, always covertly, inserts herself again into the lives of Anna and Danny, insisting that the end of the Balkan War (this takes place in 1995) predicts massive influxes of black market weapons into the UK, a nation traditionally relatively free from gun violence (unlike the U.S.)

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